Peripheral intravenous catheter. Introduction

Peripheral intravenous catheter. Introduction

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Round Table session
at National Veterinary School of Alfort (ENVA, France).

Subject: When choosing the right catheter, several factors should be taken into account. Here we try to address the most important ones.


  • Dr Alix Barbarino, Resident in Emergency and Intensive Care, ENVA
  • Dr Christophe Bille, Head of the Medicine, Emergency and Intensive Care Department, CHV Cordeliers,
  • Dr Maxime Cambournac, Head of the Emergency and Intensive Care Department, CHV Frégis
    Dr Joaquim Henriques (CHV Frégis)
  • Moderator : Mrs Nathalie Chiesa

Time codes:

  • 0:00 introduction and views on the location
  • 0:27 Welcome to the round table session: “Using a short PIVC
  • 1:19 Dr Christophe Bille
  • 1:40 Dr Maxime Cambournac
  • 2:01 Dr Alix Barbarino
  • 2:27 Dr Christophe Bille
  • 3:09 Dr Joaquim Henriques